What's your Anime IQ?

Do you know your taijutsu from your genjutsu?
Do you know your One Piece episodes inside out?
Is your brain full of anime knowledge just waiting to spring out?

Then you are in for a treat this month as our friends over at Velo City have crafted a masterpiece of video.... Please clap your hands for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ANIME STYLE!!


See if you have what it takes!

Can you answer the questions before the contestants? Would you reach the end without using a lifeline? Follow along and see if you would have won a million....

I must admit I was yelling at my screen at one point over that Naruto question....

So test your knowledge and if you like their content drop us a comment and we'll be sure to add more of their videos. After all it's always nice to get validation that your ton of anime knowledge can be useful!! 

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