Naruto Sage Mode Hoodie
Naruto Sage Mode Hoodie
Naruto Sage Mode Hoodie
Naruto Sage Mode hoodie

Naruto Sage Mode Hoodie

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Are you prepared to unleash your six paths sage mode?

Show off your prowess with all things jutsu with this two tone, Sage Mode hoodie. Essential for all S rank missions. 

Wow your friends with your immense chakra power and awesome style!

This fan art design has been created for fans of the popular anime Naruto Shippunden. So you can start your own journey to Hokage in class and comfort. Featuring symbols from the Six Paths Sage Mode, not only is this hoodie lightweight, soft and comfortable but also doubled sided. So wherever you are in the world all Otaku's will know and recognise you as a great Shinobi. 

So if you or someone you know loves this great anime series, then this hoodie makes the perfect, thoughtful gift for that special person. 

Product details- This hoodie made from a lightweight, breathable and versatile polyester blend with lycra designed to be comfortable, soft, long lasting and cool with some stretch. It's perfect for those spring and summer months to wear over a Tshirt or just as itself, with a pair of jeans, joggers, shorts, you name it, it can do it. 

Machine washable, though cool wash cycles are recommended to maintain longevity as well as a low to medium heat iron.

Standard shape and fit, with long sleeves. No one misses out as it's suitable for both men and women.

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